City Council Meeting

Oakland 2019-20 Budget update

The budget fight looked like it was going to be supremely ugly, but the Council buckled down to business and hammered out various drafts, brought amendments, argued some more. The meetings were long and the public continued to voice forceful opinions.

The upshot for our CFLM’s initial concern — parks maintenance positions — was quickly addressed by Council President Kaplan’s counter proposal and never dropped in subsequent amendments.

Not that the positions are in the free and clear. The funding is only guaranteed for the first year. The second will be looked at mid-cycle to see where the budget falls. There is also talk of a ballot measure to fund park maintenance over the long term. Which might pick up the positions where the budget otherwise cannot.

There is a question as to how soon those positions can be filled, they are hopeful for the fall, but it might take a good while longer.

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