Cormorant April ‘18 Nesting Update

I’d noted earlier in the year that the cormorants had not returned to the nests on landside — the tree above the playground.

But after our big rain last week, I found that maybe half a dozen cormorants are nesting in the tree — and several in a new tree further to the east.

Last year, these nests did not seem to have any results, so it’ll be interesting to see if anything comes of it this year.

As I was watching I noted a fox squirrel climbing the one tree, and proceeded to roust upset cormorants from their nests to investigate.

Hard to tell if it found anything, whether it was looking for cached food or an egg or two. The cormorants barely made an effort to defend and the squirrel was only slightly wary.

Raccoons are on the islands as well, so maybe its surprising any eggs hatch on any of the trees.

Cormorant Update 2018

The Double Crested Cormorant are back to the nesting tree. As of Feb 28th (the last time I checked) they have yet to reoccupy the tree they colonized last year above the playground next to the Rotary Nature Center.

You can get some close up time with the cormorants down on the channel, where they are often hunting on one tide or another.

They are wary of people and will often swim away, but sometimes if you are still enough, you’ll find them right beneath you — as in the photo below. Trailing bubbles as it searched the wall growth. It came up with a fish shortly after.

The prey was little silversides – one little school circling in the shallows, no doubt wary of the birds in the water nearby.