Lake Merritt Advocates

A couple weeks ago (November 13th, 2017), our group joined a whole slew of other groups who exist around the lake at the Lawn Bowling clubhouse to learn about each other and how we can support each other. This included people from some of the institutions around the lake: The Gardens, Fairyland, the Camron-Sanford House; there were environmental advocates from Lake Merritt Institute, Audubon, Laney College. There was the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club, Lake Merritt Band, and the Lake Merritt runners, city employees, and interested citizens.

We were all a little amazed that there were so many the creation of a an individual originally interested in showing off his awesome photography, but grew to be a resource for all the goings on at the lake. This will be our — the Lake Merritt Advocates — hub, the place you can find to find a fun event, or a volunteer activity. We’ll be sharing our opportunities there as well.

We hope that the advocates as a whole will provide a place where we can share larger concerns, and work together with the City and their departments to make the Lake that much more of a great place to be.

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