Proposals for Rotary Nature Center Programs

At the April 7th, 2018 meeting. The Oakland Parks, Recreation, and Youth Development Department announced that they would accept proposals for programs for a reopened Rotary Nature Center. A rough outline of the schedule and process:

  • These proposals are due around April 30th, 2018. Read considerations and priorities below, and follow the template provided by the city.
  • May/June: 3rd community gathering to hear proposals
  • May/June: initial recommendations from the core team (Karis Griffin, Alan Briskin – the facilitator, and the committee members: C.J. Hirschfield, Jennie Gerard, and James Robinson).
  • There may be additional happenings along the way: an open house, a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (as a guest of Jim Covel), and other nature centers.

Elements to Consider for Submitting Proposals

Initial decisions on programming will be inspired by community input and vetted by the core team in consultation with relevant parties. This is not a competition – OPRYD seeks to reinforce the value of cooperation and services as a means to achieve a greater good.

  1. Alignment with the priorities in the RNC framework.
  2. Demonstrated capacity to implement the proposal.
  3. Capacity to monitor and document what’s proposed.
  4. Degree of partnership and/or collaboration with other groups.
    e.g. partnerships with local artists, community leaders, local business, etc.
  5. Outreach, especially to targeted audiences and areas of Oakland typically underserved.
  6. Description of unique educational offerings and experiential learning.
    e.g. nature journeys, trails, bird watching, labs, etc.
  7. Diversity & Inclusion
    e.g. cultural awareness, language, community affiliations, etc.
  8. Format – simple and clear, no specialized grant writing knowledge expected or required. Ability to follow the RNC template
  9. References as appropriate.

Initial Priorities Identified

  • Developing programs and activities that reach out to all ages (youth, adults, seniors) and all areas of Oakland.
  • Developing synergies among various individuals, agencies, and institutions that server Lake Merritt and the Rotary Nature Center.
  • To become a symbol and attractor for what it means to become a good environmental citizen.
  • To become stewards & educators of Lake Merritt, the Wildlife Refuge, and the Pacific Flyway. To be a natural portal into the wonders of nature, wildlife, and science.
  • To be constructive partners with agencies supporting the health and vitality of Lake Merritt and advocates for the beauty, value, utility, and wonders of water and wildlife.
  • A resource to nurture STEAM — science, technology, engineering, arts, and math — for all ages and demographic groups.
  • A hub for encouraging the relationships of art, music, and creativity alongside nature, wildlife, and the outdoors.

Also to keep in mind

Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development
Mission & Vision Statement

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Mission: With an emphasis on Oakland’s youth, Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development and its partners will provide best in class, relevant and equitable programs and services, while meeting the specific needs of people and communities both at the neighborhood level and regionally throughout the City of Oakland. We achieve this mission through intentional engagement and by removing the barriers that prohibit equitable opportunities for all.

Vision: Oakland Parks, Recreation & Youth Development will be the nation’s leading parks, recreation and youth development agency, providing transformation experiences, and multi-cultural awareness. We create empowering park and recreational opportunities, and equitable increase the quality of life for all Oaklanders.